Basin Tech Center, Pittsford NY
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Basin Tech Center, Pittsford NY
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Commercial, Multi-Family & cowork Real Estate Investors

Our Mission

Welcome to JTS Management, a real estate management and investment firm based in Rochester, NY that is currently looking for new acquisitions.

Why should YOU contact us?

  1. You are a Real Estate investor that already owns income properties, or are looking to purchase/invest in recurring revenue real estate.
  2. You are a business owner/manage that needs new space or simply is not happy with their current situation and wants to explore options.
  3. You are interested in selling your commercial or multi-family investment property.
  4. You are interested in the fast growing cowork space and want to learn more about SPOT cowork.
Please take a moment to drop us an email or call to introduce yourself and have a quick conversation to determine if JTS Management is the right fit for you.